Monday, May 23, 2011


Happy Monday Lovelies! I have a busy week ahead getting ready to open my new space on June 1st! Brian and I worked hard all weekend getting things ready, and I'd say I'm about 35% done. Yes, I work best under pressure, especially because I am celebrating my bachelorette this weekend in Montauk!

A glimpse at the past few days:

Friday night with friends at Bar Taco in Portchester, NY, which is my new favorite place in the area, Shorely Chic to the max! The vibe of the place is so cool, they have a section on their website titled, 'feel', and this is what you see:

I mean, amazing!

I had a great morning on Saturday chatting with my graphic designer/web designer/wedding invitation maker, the incredible Kathleen Burlew :) I need to start gathering inspiration for the invites and Kathleen is going to put together some design ideas for me, can't wait!

I just check out a few that I liked:

pretty, right? Just getting some ideas!! 

 My B hard at work re-doing an ugly but quality hutch for the shop

Priming, omg this took me forever and see that piece on the left? It still looks like that, drag... 

Me and friend, Debbie looking like twins at a barbeque on Saturday afternoon. 

And on Sunday, Brian and I worked inside the new space!! We laid the new rug, hung new shades, and rearranged some furniture. I can't WAIT until the big reveal!!!

<3 wish me luck this week, though I'll be blogging :)


  1. Looks like you had a very nice weekend! Can't wait to see the shop!

  2. It sounds like it is going to be a great space, I cant wait to see it! Bartaco is the best, great Margs... and I am sure you noticed, but dont you love how all the large photos on the wall are framed?!

  3. The count down begins! Good luck this week!

  4. This is a delightful post, thank you for sharing! The bar looks great and the hutch is going to be beautiful when you have finished its makeover, will it be painted white? I am soo looking forward to the big reveal!
    Morwenna x

  5. Bachelorette in Montauk = Awesome. Have fun!

  6. YES! I made your blog :)
    Can't wait for June 1 - all of your hard work is definitely paying off, so happy for you!

  7. Fantastic! Cant wait to see the shop!

  8. Your invitations are elegant and beautiful (and the schedule sounds magical). Best wishes on pulling everything together - your hubby-to-be is a good one ;o)

    Linda (aka Beachside Cottage)

  9. woah i love that website. can't wait to see the big reveal!

  10. Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!
    So very exciting, can't wait to see the reveal!

  11. So excited for the new shop!!!

    Don't you love Bar Taco?! I was there Saturday night - way too many margaritas, but what a fun night. I could go every weekend!!! Wouldn't that be a fun place for a blogger meet up?

    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. Ohh I wanna see the shop!

    You and your friend look like twinkies.. so cute!