Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Closing Time...

This weekend was an interesting one - due to some unforeseen circumstances with some of our newest and intolerable neighbors and scum bag landlord (yes, I said it), we will be moving out of our little abode that we've rented for over two years.We made the decision to get out this weekend and have to be out before November 1, so I have been a busy bee packing up the many decorations, furnishings, and Shorely Chic inventory that fills our home.

As much as moving is a dreaded process, the positives are cleaning out, donating, and getting a grasp of the many material goods we actually have - sheesh! At times like these, I wish I were a minimalist!

Brian and I are both excited for this next chapter where we will move in to my parents' inlaw suite until we are financially comfortable to buy the home of our dreams! God works in mysterious ways and this troubled weekend at our current apartment gave us the kick in the tush we needed to get out of renting and into the real estate market!

I will be posting as often as I can, but know that these next two weeks are pretty crazed with packing, coordinating, and unpacking!



  1. Everything happens for a reason!!!
    Good Luck with this transition :)

  2. So sorry about the crappy neighbors and landlord! But you are right, on to the next chapter of your life! Good luck and I hope everything goes as smoothly as it can!

  3. Yikes.
    Good luck with your move!
    At least you know your new neighbors will be good ones!

    : )

  4. Good for you -it's the perfect time to buy now!!!!

  5. Good luck with your move -- there couldn't be a better time to buy, though -- interest rates are soooo low, and of course, real estate has really dropped. Good luck!

  6. good for you!
    I don't know the situation, but no one needs to deal with riffraff.
    We've had our share of scumbags, but luckily, they left the neighborhood after having the police called on them too many times.

  7. Liz,
    Sorry to hear this happened. Poor neighbors can and do really impact our lives. It must be hard on one hand to leave, but I'm sensing some positives in your post too. So to that part I hope the change brings good things.

  8. Best of luck moving! I cannot wait for you & Brian to buy your first home. You're going to love all of the projects! Happy packing!

  9. Good luck with the move. Although your current home is lovely, you'll be so much happier once you're a homeowner. The universe conspired to make you move.

  10. Wherever you go, we will follow :)

    Every end is a new beginning and your positive outlook is sure to be a start in the right direction!



  11. Good luck with packing and your move. All things happen for a reason... Change is good.