Monday, October 11, 2010

A Long Weekend in Florida...

This post was written during my vacation, but for some reason I couldn't get the pictures up! I think it was a little sign from above to give-up with the computer for a couple days, and enjoy the precious time I had been given with mi madre :)


I'm so happy to be here in Jupiter, Florida with my mom for the weekend! We took the 1:00 p.m. flight out of NY and by 5:00 we were totally at peace, calm and tranquil looking out at the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, heaven!

I am so proud of my mom and dad, every time I come down to the house there are these fresh little updates I just adore. I thought I'd snap a few photos and share a glimpse of our Florida abode: 

This piece was made from driftwood, fishing line, and lots of beautiful shells, clever isn't it??

my little office for the time...pleasurably worked at each morning!

love this centerpiece - these are handpicked shells that have been bleached over the years on our porch piled high in a clear glass vase.

A collection of vintage Florida state plates on display with shells and coral. Every time I see them at  thrift stores or tag sales, I pick them up for the house. I like the history they bring to a new place...

I painted this for my dad for a father's day gift back when I was in high school, it's the Jupiter Lighthouse. Am I a little proud? Yes. And I wish I still painted...

I love this picture I took of an orchid on our porch, so bright and beautiful against the beautiful backdrop of palms and sky...

yes, this was really a car parked, and I obviously had to take a photo

the perfect setting for a wedding at the Jupiter Beach Resort - will definitely be getting married there!

a delicious cocktail of rum, pineapple, cranberry, and perrier!

Thanks for dropping by today :)


  1. Your orchid photo and the one of the palm tree beneath the pink car are lovely.

  2. Love those hand picked shells for the center piece. I know they bring back lots of good memories for your parents. Nice post.

  3. How are the shells affixed to the fishing line? Are they drilled? Glued? Thanks!

    LOVE your weekend office. :-)

  4. Great pictures! I love the pink car!

  5. Love the pics! My Uncle lives in Jupiter and loves the tranquil atmosphere..I am glad you had a fun time!

  6. Isn't Florida great?! Your parents did a lovely job with their FL home :)

  7. Love the driftwood piece with the shells hanging from it. Very creative!!!

  8. love the driftwood peice above the tv - soooo cool

  9. what a great driftwood piece! big hearts for it :)

  10. I've heard Jupiter, Florida is a not just a cool place, but a magnet for famous people. Any celebrity sightings?!