Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"The best beach houses evolve over time. They often start as simple shingled structures, solid and shuttered for when the waves whip to a froth.
As seaside memories are made, as more sand is tracked across the floors, as more dripping swimsuits leave their marks, as more wicker is added and more books are left behind, the beach houses accumulate their character. Textures become densely layered, shells and stones scramble for space on shelves and windowsills, dining tables extend to accommodate friends of friends, and flea market finds and hand-me-downs fill the spaces." - Laurel Kornhiser of Old House Online
Don't you just love that?? Now for the home...


This beautiful home belongs to architect Los Angeles–based architect Stephen Giannetti of Gianetti Home and his wife, Brooke Gianetti an interior designer who also writes one of my favorite blogs, Velvet & Linen :)

{photos courtesy of Old House Online}


  1. this post is so so so up my alley!!

  2. As we head off to Nantucket this weekend, with its well worn, well loved, and well appointed shingle clad cottages, I will think of the fabulous introduction. Lovin' the post! Thank you!

  3. S.C.---I especially love the brick in the sun room and the sun filled kitchen cabinets. Lovely!

    Tyra! Are you going to the Daffodil Festival I am guessing!? Swing by my blog to check out my post friday and let me know how it goes!

  4. Thank you so much Liz!!! it's wonderful to see my home here on your beautiful blog :)


  5. I love the light, airy feel of all the makes it seem like a house you could really "live" in!

  6. Yes, Brooke has a wonderful blog I visit her daily! I love her and husband Steve's style it's so me!

  7. The house is lovely! Also adore those huge palm trees outside!

  8. OK. Beautiful. Love Brooke and her blog. Have never seen these beautiful images of her home.