Thursday, April 28, 2011


Notice anything different?? I met the talented young owner of Kathleen Burlew, Ms. Kathleen Burlew herself through the powers of facebook. Her boyfriend and I went to college, Fairfield University, together and when she saw Shorely Chic, she knew we would have lots in common as young women entrepreneurs.

I had been looking for someone to work on the Shorely Chic brand image, and as a graphic designer with impeccably chic style, Kathleen had the job in an instant.

She created this nifty little postcard that I will pass onto clients, have at trunk shows and in my potential new space *;)* in Darien, Connecticut (!!! - still in the decision making process about that).

cute, isn't it?

Kathleen is also working on my blog redesign and website. What you see on the blog is just the beginning, she said she has lots more ideas and I just can't WAIT to see them.

I also wanted to attach some stationery images that I can't enough of from her site:

Wedding invitations, birthday party invites, shower invites, personalized stationery, blog design, logo design, she does it all and everything is gorgeous!!!


  1. Oooh la la! I like. I thought I caught a glimpse of this yesterday...and now--here it is!! Seahorses always bring a smile to my face. Nice work.

    The designer (Kathleen) is also clearly talented and has a great eye for style. I loved her website and calligraphy!

  2. Love the new look. Congratulations!

    My hubby also went to Fairfield U, I wonder if ya'll know each other.

  3. FanSea, thank you so much!! Kathleen is so great, I think she'll do our wedding invites!

    Andrea, really?? email me!

  4. Liz it looks fabulous! Mine is getting a redo and will be ready Friday, I am so excited! The seahorses are perfect for you!

  5. ooooooooooooooooh adore it!!!! so fresh & shorely chic!