Monday, October 7, 2013


This feels really weird. I've been here for four years blogging with you and tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, and pinteresting all things Shorely Chic. I've loved every minute and have been so lucky to have had an outlet all these years keeping me inspired day in, day out. Shorely Chic, you have been there with me through it all, starting a business, leaving a day job, getting a new day job, an engagement, a wedding, opening a shop, interior design projects, cocktail'ing with the best of them at the most exclusive events in interior design, attending blogging conferences, and most recently, having a baby. There have been so many ups and a few downs throughout the years but you've always been there for me, right here shining bright on my modern glass top Ikea desk, keeping my passion alive. I will always remember you for that and will forever look fondly on these years.

To my readers, although my passion for all things beach and chic (Shorely Chic) will forever continue, blogging about my new life as a stay at home mom feels closer to my heart and is undoubtedly a more accurate reflection of me. I am moving over to PURE JOY HOME for now and I hope that all of you who have enjoyed my voice over the years will continue to follow along, this time with a little less beach and a little more HOME. I am so looking forward to this change and connecting with you about raising little Brian, creating recipes, decorating, DIY, entertaining, attempting to get my body back after baby, and whatever else floats into the Joy household.

You've all been amazing to blog with and I thank you for your support and enthusiasm over the years, I do hope you'll come along and join me on my next ride!


  1. As a mom, I totally understand! Having a family changes everything and suddenly you realize family life is most important to you. I have always enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading your new one! Best of luck to you!

  2. Ah, I so understand. Love Shorely Chic, but looking forward to following you over on Pure Joy Home! x