Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Room Project - Help?

A part of Shorely Chic has led me to take part in little projects here and there helping people, guiding them through their choices and execution of redecorating their homes. I'm working on a family room right now, and I was totally set on slip covered white couches as they are my go-to for the beach chic look. She was convinced too, until the thought of washing the slipcovers every week (4 kids) became a realization, and we are now at the point of looking at other options.

SO I've looked at a bunch of photos, with non-white couches, I'm expanding! But seriously, I came across probably 10 white couches to 2 non-whites during my search, no wonder I like them so much!!

I need your help, what do you think I should present? stripes, khaki, bold patterns? remember, child-friendly! Thanks lovelies :)

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  1. Hey,

    Here are some good sources that aren't crazy budget wise:

    I've ordered from club furniture before and I've been really pleased with them. The other two I've just heard great things and want to use them in the future.

    Duralee also makes pieces that you can customize quite a bit.

    Remember that if you are going for a slipcover you need to make sure the fabric isn't dry clean only. I have a piece in my home in linen and every time it gets dirty it's at least a $40 dry cleaning bill. Let me know if you need anymore help.

    I'm sort of in love with the idea of doing a striped fabric, but solids are always good too.

  2. I think with 4 kids...pattern is key. With 1 child (and cats and dogs)..I can tell you that I love my big comfy pillowy patterned couches! I also got the stain guard as well and so thankful for that as well.

  3. I agree with Kim, Pattern is the way to go. it will hide little things like dirt and certain spills. I really like the darker striped couch. Stain guard is a must! I can't tell you how many times it saved my couch! :) Although I am in love with the 4th picture, especially those doors! Good luck!

  4. Over the years, through trial and error, I have settled on solid colored sofas with pillows bringing in the pattern. I think the fabric is the key! Good luck!!

  5. Well...I have to say...I am not much of a pattern kind of girl!
    I vote a khaki/linen slip-cover couch!!
    She can still wash the covers but it wouldn't have to be quite so frequent!!
    Then you could accent it with beachy pillows.....
    Have fun and please share the after photos:)

  6. I can't say enough good things about microfiber. I have two pottery barn couches with really pale sand-colored slipcovers, and even though I'm not supposed to, I throw them in the washing machine and dryer all the time and every time they come out looking new. And I've had them for five years. And when I'm too lazy to, I use a baby wipe to scrub off any stains or dried up food. (I've got two kids.) I love have the neutral backdrop to change up the pillows for the season and my mood. But definitely pattern on the pillows and rug!!!!

    P.S. I had a couch with stain guard and it did not seem to work a lick. Even having a professional come in and clean didn't help.

  7. P.P.S. I have had a ton of luck with my leather ottoman/coffee table, too. Wipes right up and never shows stains. And since they come in so many shades, you could do light or dark. Good luck!

  8. My first thought was, go with patterns, too. Maybe sand colors and lighter blues with durable fabric.

  9. Not a fan of too much pattern.
    Not a fan of slipcovers ( looks sloppy if not fit properly)
    Not a fan of leather

    I would choose a medium tone color but as some of your comments said, fabric is key. Invest in a durable, neutral, stain resistant fabric that will compliment any decor if you should want to change the look of your room.

    Tone on tone is a good choice with kids.
    I love the 2nd photograph you have. It has clean lines, tone on tone pattern and a neutral color. You can update the look by adding different pillows in size, texture and color.

    Good luck!

  10. I have many thoughts and recommendations for you! Send me an e-mail if you like.

  11. I also have 4 children and white would have been a death sentence for me. Pattern is very forgiving as is texture - I have had great luck with linen/velvet. You could also consider a dark color like navy which would be very beachy- but if they have a pet, shedding is an issue on dark. Best of luck - whatever you choose will, I'm sure be lovely.

  12. Check out house of turquoise...a wonderful blog...will give you many non-white beachy sofa ideas!

  13. I have the same problem. I've been very curious about using sunbrella fabric. They have some pretty decent faux linen fabrics. I mistakenly thought they were all palm trees and flamingos....:)

    For my banquet I used a Navy "crypton" fabric. It has a velvet type feel. So far, it has cleaned up amazingly well.

  14. I do love your inspiration photos, and the one third from the end is one of my faves. It's actually a lovely home on Sydney's northern beaches, and is just stunning. I like to use two slip covers - one white (my absolute favourite), and one in either a strong colour or pattern. Lots of options that way, for someone as fickle as me, and also much easier on the person in charge of the laundry! K xx

  15. Sofas that are child - friendly - I spotted some that were white and the children were given sharpies to draw to delight their wee hearts....I will look for the link. I think it was A Bloomsbury Life - blog.

    I love all white slip covers and then underneath a wild pattern...I love the pattern that Lauren of Pure Style home did --- it sort has a 70's - vibe....a big print is fun!

    I have 2 solids, one sort of a neutral tweed and the other a sage green velvet and then a cream white settee....I think I need a bold color or a pop of pattern....hmmmm!

  16. OK, as a mom of two boys (now 18 and 21) with all of their accompanying friends and two large black dogs I can testify that white or natural duck slipcovers are great but . . . all the bleach in the world won't help after awhile. I washed them probably once a month and eventually the dirt stains did not disappear. However, I still love them and because I sewed them myself it is easy to sew new cushion covers if I decide to. I agree totally with the ultrasuede. I also have a couch with ultrasuede slipcovers and it truly is a miracle fabric for those of us with hectic households. The fabric doesn't stain. I wash them twice a year at least but wipe them down more often as a previous commenter said. Fabulous! Another choice that might work is a light gray cotton slipcover. Goes great with blue, hides some dirt . . . hmmmm.