Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The New York International Gift Fair & Shorely Chic Ahead!

I must say that this was definitely the coolest thing I have ever done in my professional career thus far! I've worked in some glamourous positions, well maybe not positions per se, but definitely positions that afforded me to do many glamourous things, but attending the NYIGF was so much different because I was there representing myself and working for me! I was using my "eye", and talking it up with the different representatives from the various companies I liked, placing orders, critiquing, learning, walking, walking, and walking. I LOVED every minute of it and so did my mom who excitedly came with.

It was Monday, and I realized I could attend, so I asked my boss for the day off, called my mom, and there we were on a train the next morning. We had an absolute blast and couldn't stop talking about the next steps for Shorely Chic on the train ride home. 

I've realized that as much as I like creating pieces and hunting around for one-of-a-kinds, there is no way I could sustain an inventory at this point, so being able to buy and sell is something that I will start incorporating into Shorely Chic. In some ways, I wish I could stamp everything as my own, but realistically, there is not enough time in a day to solely create so much, and I do love working with other talents and objects...

Next step - creating a Shorely Chic website! Suggestions welcome from anyone who has experience in this!


  1. Isn't it a blast? Market has so much to see and yes, it's all exciting! Your pictures from LS are on my site, just love them! Market does get your blood pumping! Make sure you schedule your vacation days from now on around market time and you and your mom can shop until your hearts content!!!

  2. I think you're in good hands with Deanna, if you need tips!

    And something totally unrelated...I'm glad to hear that the cute movie theater I used to go to (ages ago) in Darien is still up and running -my husband had a stop over during a business trip last week.

  3. I am intrigued! Your photos certainly captured my interest. This show looks like a "must" for next year. With my sister's coastal store in Mt. Dora, perhaps we can arrange to make this trip (yes, I am inviting myself along.)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. OH...I would go nuts there!! I dig all the capiz shell things! I wish I knew more about creating a's definitely on my list of things to do!! I think I need 4 more hours in the day!!!!!!

  5. the show looks great - nice to see there are other shell-obsessed like minded people in the universe.....your site is amazing - keep up the great work that keeps us all inspired -stop by Nest by Tamara some time soon at

  6. Love your blog, facebook, etsy - check out my blogspot. ( I am just getting started and still raising children - yes at 50 I still have a 13 year old at home. I get side tracked. I have worked with Network Solutions website builder and it is a good place to start. Very reasonable. I actually set up a sit for my friend and it is very time consuming but once you get the hang of it - it becomes second nature. You can buy exclusive rights to your name. Homestead is another one that is free so I am sure it doesn't have the support of bells and whistles but that is another one to check out if you are just getting started. Love following you on Facebook.