Monday, February 1, 2010

Antiques and Fun

I live with my boyfriend and on most weekends we're busy being social and doing other things to pass the time, like sleeping in, skiing out of state, trying new restaurants, etc... I don't often get a whole day to myself to work on Shorely Chic but with Brian in Miami working at the Superbowl, I decided I would dedicate my time to just that. I worked on painting a few pieces that needed some TLC (to be unveiled this weekend!), and did a little antique shopping at this GIANT antique warehouse, Braswell Galleries located in Norwalk, CT - an amazing place. I took some pictures of my favorite pieces:

an antique turquoise hutch filled with shells - does it get ANY better??

a really large clam shell, very pretty for a centerpiece as shown...

love these turquoise objects - what would you call these?

pretty natural lamp bases


yummy rococo table

I died over this!

interesting for a garden maybe?

Bali Chic

I love the animal print with this Louis chair

antique shell mirror - Shorely Chic's might be prettier, though! (oops)

sunburst mirror - in my Etsy shop

clam bowl/bird bath - in my Etsy shop, too!

my mom found this gorgeous vintage costume jewelry at an estate sale - definitely keeping that!

I'm off to the New York International Gift Fair tomorrow in NYC and am so excited as it is my first trade show!! I will be taking massive amounts of pictures to share later this week!


  1. Great finds...Maybe we will see you at the NY Gift Fair! We are there tomorrow too.

    Have fun and enjoy. Can't wait to see what you find.

  2. What fabulous finds:)
    Have fun at the gift fair!!

  3. great finds! i do like your mirrors better though! have a great fun shopping extravanza. BTW love that necklace, I am obsessed with accesories. cheap way to update a wardrobe.