Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Live Chic

So often I find myself dreaming of a chic life which normally includes the most stylish and expensive clothes, the most beautifully decorated rooms and homes (on the beach), elaborate parties and events (near the beach or in a fancy city), really nice cars, exotic places, you get the idea... Now, please understand that I am not saying I want all of this in my life because I really do like what I have and think to myself almost everyday how lucky I am to have what I do!

I don't think dreaming of these things is necessarily a bad thing, after all, all of the luxuries in life are undeniably beautiful and I am afterall an aesthetically-driven person.

So all this is great but today I realized something, just about eveything I blog and tweet about involves some sort of material good, but really, the most important type of chic doesn't come from these things at all but rather the person and their good taste in...well, being.

I've started a list of chic qualities in a person and I am looking for comments on what you all think makes a person, chic!

a good attitude

a genuine smile

work ethic






Do you agree? What else makes a person chic?


  1. Self confidence, self love and self fulfillment..., I guess you could sum these up in inner peace and happiness.

  2. I think an openness to try new things and a good sense of self make someone chic! Interesting topic & beautiful blog!

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  3. yes, self-confidence, I agree. and also wit!

  4. sophistication paired with a fabulous attitude!

  5. Passion for what you love along with the friendship of others will give you strength to follow your dreams....don't ever let go of what you believe in....believe in YOU!!!

  6. I love all of these, thank you for sharing :)

  7. Simple abundance! I think there is a tendancy to do and have too much. I love beautiful things but too many clutters the mind and the heart. A simple chair with one beautiful pillow does more for a room than 10 pillows. A simple outfit and one great handbag. You get the idea. :)

  8. Self-reflection, humility and the ability to realize that what we "have" is often just the icing on the cake, and not the cake...sounds corny, but being comfortable in our NESTS with what he have and not out to impress others is truly chic....when I first moved to NYC I was invited to a dinner party by a decorator, and he had a studio apartment that he transformed for this gathering with such a finesse that it was truly one of the most elegant gatherings....he pulled it together effortlessly and with style, yet not expensively....so on the outside Chic is doing it with style, on the inside Chic is living with dignity....love your thoughts. xo tamara

  9. Great post!

    I feel like modesty combined with self-confidence are a winning combo. Being full of yourself turns people off, but having low-self esteem can as well.

    There is nothing more inspiring than someone who is happy with who they are, but genuinely cares about other people too. That's the kind of person I want to be.

  10. What a wonderful list and I love the sentiment behind it. How about adding sincerity, kindness, and integrity. So often we rely on what is around us to define who we are inside---however I think anyone would agree a very pretty outfit on a very mean person isn't worth much!

  11. What a great thing to write about- even without the material things, everyone has a little Inner Chic in them!