Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Tunes for your Week!

Music is such a big part of who I am even though I don't talk about it much. Like my decor, my music really affects the way I feel and whenever I am home or hosting company, I try and always have some good-feeling music in the background. I am a huge fan of pandora and often play Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, Etta James (love!), Zac Brown Band, Jackson Browne, Van Morrison when I am in the house hanging out.

The new Jack Johnson CD is so good and I encourage all of you to go out and purchase it if you want to feel good and need a little help pretending that you're sitting on the most gorgeous beach somewhere only a few steps away from your chicest beach hut where you live with your beautiful beach-bumming family :)


  1. This is the CD I bought for our trip to the coast this weekend. A new favorite!

  2. jack just takes me to the beach... so good

  3. Such a great cd and artist! #6 is my favorite!We're seeing him in concert this August.. so excited!