Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some of my favorite images from Lonny Magazine

Lonny is by far my new favorite online publication for design, so much like the late Domino, which was a design obsession for me - I literally studied every issue. I have had these images saved on my desktop for a while now meaning to post them for weeks, and finally, here they are!

Enjoy, and to read more visit lonnymag.com :)


  1. So So pretty. My favorite is the couch. It looks super soft and cozy.

  2. I really like all the bedrooms you show here! But I love the bathroom, pure white, simple yet modern beachy and clean! I did put your blog in my blog list (my husband jay C Conti -you're twitter friends- showed me your blog and shop and I really love them!). hope you'll have a look! belvivere-luxury-bedding.blogspot
    I'am new at it so would appreciate some feedback :-), tell me what you think!
    Mrs. Conti

  3. Just found your site through New England Bloggers! You are my first one! I am now a follower <3

    xo Lynzy
    Come enter my giveaway!