Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Cottage on the Beach

I stumbled upon this article on and thought it was so useful and informative for anyone trying to get the Beach Cottage Chic look in their home, even if you're not living beach-side.

Susan Delurgio and Alisha Peterson, co-owners of Beach House Style in Fairfax, CA share their favorite design tips:

File ideas: Create a wish-list notebook to record your dream pieces (with accompanying dimensions and color swatches). This allows you to shop with confidence at flea markets and estate sales.

Paint the insides: Add a splash of color to the inside of a cabinet or armoire. In Susan's kitchen cabinet, aqua paint makes the eclectic display feel like a true collection.

Keep whites white: To preserve the fresh look of white slipcovers, buy extra sets. Wash slipcovers every other month as part of your cleaning routine.

Convert old textiles: Don't stop at recycling furniture. The striped pillow on the sofa and the curtain below the kitchen cabinet were fashioned from a tablecloth from Anthropologie.

Look in your closet: A good way to find your signature style is by assessing your wardrobe. This could reveal your personal color palette as well as your favorite patterns and textures.

Decorate with nature: Gather your finishing accents outdoors ― flowering branches and clusters of single-stem flowers are good bets. In Susan's kitchen, a single palm frond in a simple white bowl creates an almost sculptural display.

Tell a story: Create a vignette with similarly themed items. In the bedroom, a breezy summer tunic hangs next to a vintage oar and raffia beach bag.

Use mood lighting: Keep a collection of white candles on hand to enhance tranquility. Low-wattage bulbs also help set the right tone.


  1. I confess to way too many pages torn from magazines!

  2. Great tips....
    I know I have a million torn magzine pages just waiting to be organinzed!
    I have also never thrown away a Coastal Living or Pottery Barn magazine:)
    They are my inspiration!!

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  4. amazing tips Liz! Someday I'll have a cottage by the beach :)