Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Live You Learn

I thought of the name Shorely Chic on 7/29/09 and I only remember this because that’s when I purchased the domain name from godaddy.com.  I think it was in late August that I put my first item on Etsy.com. I started this blog in September, and a few weeks later I started tweeting J. I had my first show two weeks ago, and have done a few more since.

I wanted to write this post to reflect on the past few months and think about all I have learned since Shorely Chic started. I felt like it was time to get back in touch with my goals and big picture plans. Too often, we get so mixed up with the present, and every now and then, we have to slow down, sit back with a pen in hand and a nice cup of tea, and think…

On that day, I knew little to nothing about:

a.     running a small business
b.     retail (on the buying side, I knew plenty!)
c.     marketing
d.     the power of social media
e.     photography
f.      shipping
g.     budgeting
h.     time management
i.      customer service!

I did however know about art and architecture from my Art History major in college and studies abroad in Florence, Italy. I also like to believe I have “an eye” for interior design, and I think that is something you either have or you don’t.

I’ve also spent some significant time in professional world, which has helped a lot in this venture. To give you a little history I started working as an intern at Christie’s Auction House in NYC and later at a very trendy PR/Event-planning firm.  After college, I began working in recruiting at a large law firm in NYC, then the Council on Foreign Relations, and since my move back to Connecticut, I am now working at an oil company - Woosh!

NOW on what I have learned from Shorely…

I have just started to dabble in learning letters a.-i. (above) and can’t wait to learn more! I have learned to appreciate my DAY JOB tremendously for teaching me more and more about working in business, giving me health insurance, and most importantly, a consistent income! I have learned the importance of a good critique from fellow Etsians. I have learned so much about crafting – painting – stapling – fabrics – patterns – and so much more. I have learned how invaluable the support of my loving family, friends, and boyfriend is in all this, and I love them so much for it!

Right now, I am at the stage of making small crafts like picture frames, pillows, candles, vases, some tabletop pieces, wine sacs, and other random home goodies. These sell, but not all that frequently yet. The pillows were a huge hit so I’d like to make more and more of those, and maybe some more interior items like furniture and art and mirrors. See the thing is, I am only on Etsy as of now where everything has to be handmade or vintage, which is actually perfect for me just starting out and learning my craft. However, eventually I am going to have to be able to use my ‘eye’ and pick out pieces I’d like to share with my customers through Shorely Chic, but made from other crafters and artists. I think my vision and style will best be shared with my customers this way – well more efficiently at least.

There is sooo much more I could write but I realize this is dragging, so I’ll end with my big picture goal:

I want to own one Shorely Chic Home Décor shop, maybe more, on an adorable little street with other shops and cafes, all mom and pop type places, right on the beach in some charming New England town like Rowayton or Fairfield, and have home items for sale, and interior decorating services offered by yours truly J  How perfect does that sound??


  1. Your doing great in such a short amount of time and realizing both your dreams and goals.

    I love taking photos; it's a hobby for landscapes and flowers but when it comes to pictures for Etsy or the blog forget it...I need plenty of practice nor is my house picture perfect. Some days I'm simply overwhelmed by the photos on some other blogs.

    My head was spinning when we started Beach and Bauble and wanting to try this and that.

    Your determined it will work out.

  2. Thanks for sharing! It's cool to see where it all started :)

  3. Well that sounds pretty perfect to me! :-) I think you've made incredible strides since July (!!) -- I've enjoyed watching your journey.

  4. Well it sure sounds like your moving in the right direction!!!

  5. Well said :) I'm learning SO much from the blog world already & have only been here a few weeks :) Wonderful!