Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some Good Local Finds

One of my favorite things to do is shop on the tightest budget imaginable for home decor. That might sound weird to you, but there are few things as satisfying to me as when someone walks into my apartment and asks, "where did you find that??", and best is their response when I tell them where I actually get it, "a tag sale, goodwill, michaels, marshalls, homegoods, etc...

I've found some goodies over the past few days which I normally find running out on my lunch break:

I found this at Michaels on sale for under $50.00

Are these purple glasses with etched gold flowers not to die for? Do you see the price??

Found both of these at a local thrift shop, on sale on Etsy :) I found out they were depression glass, cool!

Chinese Vase from the same local thrift shop, also on Etsy!

And that's about it, but loving this week's finds! God I love shopping :)


  1. Hello, that mirror is fantastic and the purple glasses too. Greetings, Ana

  2. LOVE the mirror. I love a good find as well. Makes my day when people notice :)

  3. Love a good sale! Nothing like the thrill of a special find.

    I've found killer deals at Pier 1.

  4. That Sharon pink depression glass bowl is a super find.

  5. How can you not love something that cost $1.oo?!?!?!
    Great finds~

  6. Like the pink depression glass you found!

    It is suprising the number of items you can pick up at local stores and sales these days!

    Well done! And keep shopping! I will be checking back to see if you find anything else!

  7. I am going to keep an eye out for it - I've learned so much from this post from all you depression glass lovers :)