Monday, November 16, 2009

Shorely Chic Holiday Fairs and Parties

Woohoo, What-A-Weekend! I could not move on Sunday night after my events on Saturday, a holiday fair at a church from 9-3, and a jewelry and home decor party from 5-12:30 a.m. Don't get me wrong, it was such great fun and again I learned so much, but it was indeed exhausting! 
I participated in these events with my bff Cheryl Caveny, the designer and owner of KulaKai  (on the web) and on Etsy, KulaKai. I absolutely LOVE her stuff as we pretty much have the same exact taste, and it is so great to share the pursuit of our separate creative passions together :) 
Since we were 10, we dreamed of opening our own boutique on the beach and we were going to call it CACELO (khak-i-lo) for Cheryl Ann Caveny Elizabeth Louise Orgera. Check out her website to see all her great designs and stay tuned for a KulaKai giveaway coming later this week!!
Here are some pics of the weekend --

This was us at the Holiday Fair in Greenwich which was VERY different than what we had expected - basically it was just much smaller and there were more baked goods for sale than crafts, but we stayed and had a blast together eating all the cookies and laughing our hearts out.

Here was our table at the party, we mixed all of our stuff and scattered it throughout the house :) We had a great time - the host is one of Cheryl's older sisters best friends, and I played tennis with her in high school, so we pretty much knew all the guests.

New wine sacks - just listed on Etsy, too.

So there you have it! Our Shorely Chic/KulaKai weekend. Cher just moved to Newport Beach, CA so I don't get to see her as much but that just means I have a great vacation to take at any time ;)

Happy Monday and Have a Great Week!!

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