Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Friday with new and exciting news!

First off, TGIF :) I'm very excited as tonight's the big night - the first time I will be showcasing my work in an in-person vendor type setting! I've sold online for some months now, and I can't wait to put my face and words behind my work and interact with customers - I'm a people person so I think this will be great for business :)

Now, for the news! I have added a Shorely Chic pillow collection to my shop! I love pillows and everytime I see a fabric I like, I think about making pillow covers for my old and tired pre-existing pillows. I recently went to NYC and picked up all these awesome fabrics , mostly from Mood Fabrics, which if you haven't been, is definitely worth the trip to NYC!

I have so many ideas and so many fabrics, so this is a small start, but here they are!

Turquoise Ikat (front)

Luxurious in Blue

Beachy Pink

Glistening Linen (front)

What do ya'll think??

More news: Over the past few months, I have met so many awesome people through starting Shorely Chic: this blog, my etsy shop, twitter, facebook, etc... Through Craigslist, I met an amazing artist who has become someone I can call a friend. She has so much more experience than I, living in just about every city in this country and someone who has been working in the arts for years, so I learn a lot from her.
Love ya, Jole!!

Jole has recently launched a jewelry line, Designs by Jole ( - coming soon), and has started an exclusive collection for Shorely Chic!!
More details to come!!!

Yay for Shorely Chic!!


  1. WOW! I gasped at the one with the round print :) Stunning! I'm off to check it out in your Etsy shop...

  2. It's not there yet... I'll check back later. They really are beautiful! :)

  3. I know, haven't gotten there yet - I wanted to share them with ya'll (loving that word) first!

  4. Have fun tonight! You're going to do awesome!!!

    These pillows are AMAZING. The fabrics are just so yummy! The first and 2nd ones are my fav...the colors are fab!

  5. Thanks all - it means so much that you like them!!

  6. Your pillows are gorgeous!!
    I wish you the best of luck tonight.
    Go get em :)

  7. Wow - they almost all just sold on Etsy!!

  8. the pillows look GREAT! just gave you an award!

  9. I'm loving the luxurious in blue !! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  10. I especially love the first pillow. Beautiful colors and unique print.

    Good luck tonight!

  11. Definitely a hit. I hope you had a wonderful time. This is my first time to your blog and I plan to follow and hope you come by and do the same.


  12. wow those pillows are gorgeous. i love the luxurious in blue!

    can't wait to see the jewelry line. how exciting :)

  13. Lovvvvee the ikat pillow! I've been on a bit of a pillow bender that I (kind of) know how to sew, I can't stop myself. There are a few good fabric stores on 39th Street between 7th & 8th, too...that I need to stay away from, lol!

  14. Adore those pillows - really amazing -the ikat one is indeed gorgeous!