Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An All White Bathroom

To me, an all white bathroom is perfection. I like things light and refreshing and it's so easy to do in a small place with a window. I can tell you now that our bathroom is the lightest space in our current abode - it's a perfect place to wake up and get ready for the day :) 


aren't these bathrooms dreamy? 

and pretty accessories like these:

Dyptiques on a vintage tray - heart be still. 

I would also add to any bathroom apothecary jars of seashells and natural sponges and some stripes in the form of towels or a shower curtain. 


I'm so excited to have Quality Bath as a sponsor here on Shorely Chic.  They have such a selection to choose from and I know when it comes time to do our bath, I will be ordering :) 
My favorite style faucets are these traditional looking ones:

on a cararra marble counter and all white vanity with a vase full of fresh flowers and a dyptique candle - a dream!! 

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  1. Those are great bathrooms all so light and fresh looking. Ours are small but one does have a pedestal sink and the first faucet style.

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the shower!

  3. I love them all , but the one with the stripes in the shower has me hooked! Great post!

  4. This definitely is beautiful but I can see my loose Bare Minerals and splattered NARS blush standing out a bit much on all that white, ha. I love that one circular tub overlooking the ocean. Beautiful!

  5. Stunning! love all white, and especially the tile detail

  6. So much inspiration in all of these pics. Love it !! Have a beautiful and creative day ...Chickie

  7. I love all white, too! So clean.

  8. Great images! We're tackling a big bathroom reno at ours this year, I'm thinking white and coastal, can't wait! xo K

  9. I have always loved the first photo. It's so funny because today I bought a new fluffy white rug and two white hand towels for my bathroom which is already all white, cream, and a bit of grey. The new rug really makes the whites pop.

  10. I told my contractor that I wanted an all-white bathroom... he was shocked - "Oh nooo... all white? You can't do that!" then had one of the other K&B-certified decorators in and she's, like, "Don't you want color? You're wearing cool glasses, I know you're cool, don't you want a cool room?" !!! They couldn't fathom an all-white bathroom!?