Monday, March 5, 2012


What a busy and fun weekend we had! On Friday night I threw Brian a Syracuse basketball themed birthday party because it's his favorite team - the decorations arrived on Saturday (typical) so I had to improvise at our local party store with orange and navy accessories. At the time I thought it was a big deal but it didn't affect the party one bit. I bought basketball plates, orange and blue napkins, balloons, cups, and some random yankees items because he loves them, too. 

I loved the bar I got to set up. I made a specialty cocktail that went like crazy! I actually had to fill the pitcher up four different times - yes we are kind of a crazy bunch. 
My friend took this pic of us, and I must admit I was a bit hesitant to post it because well, it looks like we may have been having a bit too much fun :) 

For Brian's birthday cake I made Camille Styles' devils food cake with mascarpone and brown sugar icing  -- its sort of becoming a "go-to" for me. Thanks, Camille! 

On Saturday morning I cleaned up after the party like a crazy person for about three hours and worked on my Etsy shop. I made this delicious breakfast/snack of cottage cheese and pepper with crackers, another new go-to for me. 

On Saturday night we went to an engagement party for our friends Beth & Mike in NYC. It was at this chic little bar on 11th street and Avenue A. 

On Sunday AM Brian and I woke up and read the NY Times with coffee - I LOVE doing that! 

I got bored after a little while and started snapping instagrams around our apartment:

That sand container was the vessel we poured our sand into during our wedding ceremony :) I made the other piece from a vintage bottle and pretty shell. 

We all sat on the floor of the deck since it's too cold for the furniture to be out and enjoyed the sun with a delicious orange - it was so nice. 

I made Jack pose

Then we took Marley I mean Jack to Tod's Point in Greenwich where they let the dog run free during the winter. He was a total beast while we were there going absolutely crazy. Brian and I realized we have a Marley on our hands. 

"so what?"

After giving Jack a bath I sat down to read Coastal Living on the couch, it was so nice. 

We had dinner at my parent's house and I snapped one final pic of Jack, all clean :) 

Happy Monday!! 


  1. The bar looks too cute! What was in your specialty cocktail? I am always looking for new recipes! xx

  2. your apartment looks like it's decorated so beautifully and beachy! i love it!

  3. You have so many cute little accents around your place - love 'em! Okay, what kind of crackers do you have with your cottage cheese/pepper (a fav of mine!) ?

    Have a great week - looks like your weekend was amazing!

  4. Sounds like an amazing weekend!

  5. What a great weekend! Love Jack! :) xo K