Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Once in a while I get these things in my head and until I buy them, they haunt me {ugh that sounded so materialistic}. Anyway, for a few years now I've had this gold watch issue - I haven't ABSOLUTELY LOVED any enough to wear everyday so I guess I never bit the bullet...but I think the time has come. 

Like many, my favorite blogger fashionista, Atlantic-Pacific wears one and I love the way she layers it...

I think hers is a Michael Kors...

I've put this little diagram together and hope you'll help me figure out which one to buy (in two paychecks  time...)

A few thoughts: So I feel like everyone has #5 and I like to be a little different, although I do think it might be the best looking.

I love that NIXON is a surfer brand and it sort of fits my personality (or maybe it puts me closer to actually being the cute cali surfer who I've always wanted to be). I'm leaning towards #3 in the NIXON category. 

I haven't seen much of #1 and I kind of like how simple it is...and chic...

SOOOO, what do you all think?


  1. I have been trying to put together an arm party too and am lost! I need an arm stylist.

  2. Love, love, love #1 - the others, not at all!!

  3. #1! It is classic-looking and you'll be able to wear it forever. And the white face will be easier to read.

  4. I've always been a Nixon fan, naturally I would choose #2 - but also because I can't refuse a watch that includes a date/day of the week starring me in the face (sometimes you just forget)- haha! And love any watch with a "less fussy" face, simple and clean.

  5. I love the look of number 3. I have the Michael Kors version of this watch (not the chrono as in 5). I had the plain Michael Kors two years before the chrono got popular - I think my watch is almost four years old now. I LOVE IT. I love it because it's classic and looks like the Rolex. I wanted a gold watch for a long time but of course, the rolex isn't in my budget. This was the only one I could find that looks like it.

    Here is the link for the Seiko copy the whole thing and paste in browser and the link for the Michael Kors gold one I have. LOVE BOTH! I saw classic no chrono - the chrono will be out of style in a few years. I even have men stop me and ask about my watch.

    The Seiko Link:

    The Michael Kors Link:

    Good luck.

  6. I have #5 and LOVE it. It holds up incredible well, I wear it every day.

  7. I would say number 4! I agree, everyone has #5, but I am partial to Michael Kors (I have 3 of his watches) and I love them all.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  8. I'm also a big Nixon fan, I feel like everyone and their mother owns the Michael Kors chunky gold watch. Kind of loving #2!

  9. I love #5 but do agree that everyone has it these days so if you want to be different I say go with #3! Can't wait to see what you choose!

  10. I like #5 because I have the same one in rose gold. It is not too big, but just the right size. I have always liked having the date on my watch too. The clasp is really easy to put on and take off too. #1 is cool with the white face.

  11. The moment I saw #5 I knew it was the one. The gold doesn't seem too blingy and will go with any other gold (or any other) layering you might put with it.

    Regards, D

  12. I really liked #1 (I was looking at the same style but 2 tone) but when I saw it in person each one in the case was already scratched. Not a good sign!
    Don't think you can go wrong... but if you want to be different I say #2.
    Can't wait to see what you pick!

  13. I did the same thing with a gold watch!! #5 is classic that's why everyone has it and is my fave but next is #2. #1 is a little too "here is my MJ watch in your face" for me :)

  14. My vote would have to be for #2 or #3 (Nixon watches is in our town -right down the street). I'd feel like a traitor if I didn't! : ) Honestly, though I own a lot of their watches and they really are amazing. If anything ever breaks they'll replace the watch (brand new) no questions asked. Good luck - can't wait to see what you choose!