Thursday, March 1, 2012


The other night while I was procrastinating working on inspiration I came across the 'surfboard' pin board of a local design favorite, Abigail Fox of Foxtrot Musings. Abigail owns an amazing home shop in Old Greenwich, CT and is on her way to becoming one of the area's top interior designers - she's truly an inspiration to me :)

Umm how sweet is this outdoor shower?!

is that someone's front gate??


Krista Ewarts Balboa Island home

amazing colors

A couple things: 

1. Abigail, you're awesome for finding these images and creating your own "surf board" on Pinterest

2. I think I belong in California

3. I love using surfboards in decor! There is something about the statement of a surfboard in your home that keeps everybody 'cool' if you will. It's like, yeah, life can be hard and stressful but we always have the ocean and we love being in it on our boards so it's all good...

Velvet & Linen
Well, it's rainy in Connecticut today but the promise of one day having my own surfboard perched against my living room wall will help me through...

Have a great Thursday everyone, one more day until the weekend! 


  1. Fantastic images... Have you been to Abby's store yet? You'd love it! xoxo

  2. The first photo of the outdoor shower is so unique.
    We use the old surfboard as table outside in the summer. It would be in the house but it's too tall for our ceilings!

  3. i'm such a surfer girl at heart, even though I dont get to go very often. I'd love an excuse to buy one as decor :) they just make me happy!

  4. That was such a happy way to start this gloomy, gray day. Love the surf board decor.

  5. i had my 9'2" orange and yellow longboard as decor on our large wall for a while there! love incorporating it in to our decor

  6. Love the outdoor shower! Thanks for sharing...

  7. You know I don't surf, but having visited Kauai am dying to stick a surf board in my home! And live in Montreal Canada. Maybe it should be outside in the snow! Great blog!


  8. These images have me longing for summer!

  9. Fun post!
    I bought a surf board at a garage sale and it is in my backyard where I can catch a glimpse of it outside my powder room window. It always makes me happy !

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating with surfboards. In fact, I have a Beach Boys signed surfboard in my room at our family summer home in the Hamptons - the perfect beachy decor that adds a touch of quirkiness to the room!