Friday, November 18, 2011

Wooden Beam Ceilings

I'm trying to decide if I like raw wood exposed on the ceiling. I definitely like painted wooden beam ceilings and thought I would like the raw wood to create a driftwood/beachy effect but I'm not sure whether or not it looks too rustic.  

it's pretty cool here mixed with the painted beams

I do like it above

love these crisp white ones, not sure about that chandelier though... too "goth" for me

like it here

LOVE this

very pretty

pretty but I wish it was more gray, like driftwood looking

SO I think what I like are a few exposed grayish wood beams stretched out across an angled ceiling that is painted white...

How about you???

images via pinterest & decorpad


  1. my thoughts: exposed wood beams in a log cabin in the mountains, yes very rustic - but if done like the above pictures, then I think it adds just the right amount of coziness to a room to make the home seem livable and welcoming to guests! I'm a fan :)

  2. I do like this trend. I find that the wood beams warm up the space. I think all the shots I love are the ones where the wood is in small doses and mixed with crisp white details - not overly woody.

  3. Yes, love the grayish driftwood look beams with a white ceiling. Our home has dark wood beams and ceiling. I don't love it. Apparently the original beams had the rough wood and someone boxed them so they would look more even. We thought of removing them but worried about the stress it would place on them.

    I would be happy to just have a white ceiling in between.

  4. I liked most of the pictures...just not the one where the living room and brown couch was...other than that it all looked pretty nice.

  5. Love the exposed timber beams & the rattan light fitting in image one - very 'beachy'

  6. I love raw exposed wood beam ceilings. I have one in my family room that I was going to paint white and someone told me I was crazy so I didn't. Now I am so glad I kept the wood in it's natural state.

  7. I LOVE exposed beams painted or not :)

  8. Love raw beams if they're paired with a white or whitewashed ceiling to keep things light and beachy looking. We had a wood ceiling in our last place and I was dying to get it lightened somehow.

  9. This is a challenge for me - I either hate it or love it. We just had this debate at dinner party Sunday night. Both my neighbor and I are East Coasters and our neighbors have this orange colored pine ceiling. I told them paint it - he said no, it looks GREAT. I said it all depends on the color and style. This was panels (not beams) and it's soooo ugly I want to paint it everytime I'm in there. Our house has gray beams (I want to paint) and everyone says no because it looks so French. Many of the photos you showed - I do like but it has to be the right color. The one you said you didn't like - I'm in agreement and the others have that nice gray patina to them / I also like the chocolate brown ones.

  10. I really love the beams up above - it pulls the look together and looks very earthy. Gorgeous!