Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How-To Wednesdays - Seersucker French Board

I made this darling little french board from a cork board that would have otherwise been thrown away at work - Bonus: there are many more where that one came from! I picked up the fabric, ribbon, and upholstery pins from the garment district during one of my last trips to NYC. I bought the poofy foamy stuff I think they call 'batting' from my local craft store and took the staple gun from my dad (poor guy, I think it will be some time before he'll see that tool again!)

It all started out one morning on my living room floor, where I tend to do most of my crafts *please disregard the flamingo pajamas that show up in some of the pics and also excuse the poor photography :(

fabric, batting, board, staple gun, and scissors

Stack the fabric, batting, and board

Very simply, wrap the fabric up over the board and staple (don't be afraid to over-staple)!

how beautiful!! I've been looking at that tree everyday :)

Start wrapping the ribbons, pulling very tightly! Again, don't be afraid to use multiple staples to make sure the ribbons stay in the board.

I used upholstery pins to pin down the ribbons at the various intersections throughout the board.

I added burlap on the back of the piece to finish it off and make it look all nicey nice!



  1. WOW! Fun! I really like that, and looks pretty easy too! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Great tutorial!!! The finished product looks awesome! I wish I had a staple gun at my disposal...better check with my dad! Ha!! (What a pretty tree too, glad you threw that in there!)

    I'm FINALLY feeling's been a very trying week! I hate being sick! Thanks for your comment and Hello on Facebook too!

  3. This is such a great idea. I love the colours chosen. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

  4. Thanks for showing us how easy this can be. It turned out great! Will have to try it myself ;)


  5. Thanks for posting this, been looking for instructions for ages!

  6. It´s a fantastic idea for displaying photos. Kisses, Ana