Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inspiration Tuesday - Clean Lines and Beachy Pastels

As my blog starts to take shape (somewhat), I am starting to see patterns forming on the themes I blog about on certain days of the week. I had a thought as I was lying in my bed this morning wide awake before I needed to be of course, I think I am going to have a theme for everyday of the week, well maybe not everyday because I don't see myself blogging everyday, but maybe four or five! Here is the schedule I am looking at as of right now:

Monday: Write about anything interesting I experienced over the weekend that is worth sharing, and any projects I completed in the past week
Tuesday: Inspiring photos I came across throughout the week online and in print
Wednesday: Follow the making of a certain object, instruct readers on how to create an item
Thursday: Write about a topic in decorative arts, i.e. milk glass, where it comes from, how it is used today, etc...because I have to put that Art History major to use :)
Not sure about Fridays yet, something short and sweet I am thinking!

Suggestions welcome!

Sooo to go along with Inspiration Tuesdays, I have chosen to post photos of decorated rooms by Tracey Rapisardi whose style is, "clean lines and beachy pastels, a mishmash of new and old furniture unified by color and fabric”.  Enjoy!

I am loving the white and blue stripes - I can't wait to try it on one of my pieces!

love that damask, so elegant!

Ahh, I could see mom making sandwiches in here with kids and family running in from the beach for lunch.

What I like about this room most is the combination of all the fun pieces like the mermaid print and natural shells in the corner shelf mixed with the elegant and formal.

love blue glass! Here is a piece I had in my shop, sold to my good friend Jules!


  1. LOVE those photos!!! I try to decorate my room in a smiliar style...I HAVE to show you the lamp I bought recently at Homegoods, it's so Shorely Chic! The base is a white little wainscot beach chair, and the shade is a beautiful blue and white stripe, so cute!

  2. beautiful pictures. I usually have a little more sealaura time on tuesdays and so I do get more inspired to nest. these are great motivators.

    glad you are enjoying life in the blogosphere.

  3. this sounds like a great plan! I look forward to seeing more of what you post :)

    I love this designer! The mermaid sign and pic are great...

    I love the nightstand by the single bed and its little lamp, too :)

    The porch is awesome... what a great spot for morning coffee or reading.

  4. Think you're off to a wonderful start with your new blog - you've definitely got some fantastic pics posted!

    Good Luck!

  5. Thanks for visiting - love your blog too!! I am OBSESSED with the 2nd picture down. I've been planning on khaki/white horizontal stripes in my family room for SO long, just haven't gotten around to it! That picture is AWESOME motivation!

  6. Great pics, makes me want to re-do rooms in my house. Sigh, I really need more hours in a day, or days in a week.