Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hello, Shorelies! I can't tell you how good it feels to be sitting here writing to you all on this Monday night after a long day at work. I know I should have gotten this out in the morning, but the AM rush took over leaving me without the peace and quiet I needed to get down to beachy business with y'all.

I've had an incredible few weeks to enjoy with Brian and our pup, Jack, and to settle into my new day job which has been very exciting and a tad overwhelming at the same time. I try to keep Shorely separate from my day job life but just to fill you in on where I currently stand professionally, I left my job in the corporate world a few months back because I just needed to get out and do something different with my Monday-Fridays, 9-5. PHEW!!! It was a long time coming, 6.5 years to be exact, but it needed to be the right time and when that never came (because is there ever a right time, for anything?), it was time to take a risk and leave.  I thought about pursuing Shorely full-time and really, really growing it into something bigger but I'll be completely honest, that scares me a little bit lot. I kind of like having a "day job" separate from my passion that I can rely on financially to help our family get started in a comfortable way. Other than those I love and my health, there is nothing I value more than having this passion of mine where I can spread beachy love and goodness with my readers, customers, and clients on a daily basis and as soon as this turns into a livelihood, it changes, and not knowing whether that will be a good or a bad thing terrifies me.

SO after all that, I decided something part-time would be the perfect solution for right now and it found me about a month and a half ago. A private school in a near-by town was looking for someone to work about 20 hours a week and it was a perfect mesh. I LOVE working in a school! What a nice change from the corporate world, I can't even begin to explain how much more it suits me. The teachers and staff are all so nice and caring, and the kiddies will arrive next week. I've met such wonderful people and I can't wait to settle into my role (once the craziness of school starting and learning how to tackle all my responsibilities subsides) and enjoy it.

To continue on with the behind-the-blog theme I took some photos around our house the other day:

new gallery wall:

I'm still waiting for the perfect sign to hang above the type tray - I think I have something in mind I saw on Etsy... All the frames are IKEA, the type tray is vintage and filled with shells, and the High Tide or Low Tide Poster is sold in my shop :)

vintage apothecary bottles with shells placed on top, and a vintage mirror

our beach bag and hat rack, with some pretty shells and a cute little animal reflecting in the mirror :) 

beach gear really makes the perfect art...

Mom are you done yet? I want to go play!!

I hope I didn't bore you with all the goings-on in the life of yours truly - I'm so happy to be back :) 

Live Well. Love Much. Go to the Beach.


  1. Fabulous news! Congratulations! Sometimes a little shake up is just what we need! Best of luck! And I love the pics!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog.
    And your Etsy items are great!

  3. LOVE the wedding pics up there and jack looks so perfectly at home in it all :)

  4. Congratulations on the new job! You have a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Congratulations on the new job! You have a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Congratulations Liz, the new job sounds perfect! I'd love something part time in the new year so I can pursue my passions more, but we'll see how things work out. Glad to see you back blogging, hugs to sweetie pie Jack :) xo K

  7. Congrats! I'm so happy for you! It's great that you found something that works better for you!

  8. Congratulations on the new job - it sounds like it had all worked out for you perfectly. Part time work and blogging on the side for relaxation and creativity. Good luck with it all!

  9. I'm so happy for you. The pics are so inspiring and beachy. Jack should be a model, he's soooo cute. congrats!

  10. I do adore you blog and yes, you will love working in an educational setting. I have and I miss it dreadfully. It is so rewarding and so inspiring. Just like your blog. And we have missed you but glad you had time off to enjoy. Love the beachy decor! Kat

  11. I so can relate to this post. I've moved twice in the past year and got married in between! Blogging is such a great creative outlet and I love it to death. I wish it could pay my bills but until that happens I have to moonlight as a Spanish prof, french tutor or whatever comes my way. Currently looking btw... But I like to treat sealaura as my other career because writing and photography are a big passion of mine. I know Shorely Chic will keep growing, you do such a nice job with your zest for all things beachy.