Thursday, August 2, 2012


I was drooling over Adore Home Magazine's feature on interior design and stylist Shannon Fricke's Bayshore Bungalows:

There is nothing cooler than a surfboard at an entrance, nothing. Sets SUCH a laid back, chill vibe inviting guests to come in and just relax!

I love the home's simplicity. Shannon went with a neutral white backdrop with accents of light blues and greens to reflect the homes proximity to the beach. All you want to do here is chill - read, hang out, have bbq's, talk, and sleep...the perfect to do list when you're not at the beach!  

To read more: 

images from Adore & Shannon Fricke


  1. Beautiful beach home! Love the simplicity of it!

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    Regards and have a happy day

  3. Love this it's so simple and beach but doesn't look too expensive to put together!