Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Simple Summer Pasta

Good Morning! I made this super simple pasta last night for Brian and me and I'm sure many of you already know the recipe but I thought I'd share for those who don't. It's seriously SO easy and delicious and I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't hear the "where's the meat" comment from B :)


3 juicy tomatoes
we LOVE bel gioioso mozzarella
3 cloves of garlic
olive oil
fresh basil

Steps to Heaven:
1) Chop up your three cloves of garlic into about ten or fifteen pieces and saute in oil
2) Chop up your tomatoes into bite-size pieces and add those to the oil
3) salt it up (to taste)
4) boil your pasta
4) Once the pasta is a tad before al-dente, drain it and add to your oil and tomato saute
5) Plop that delicious mixture into a bowl and add your chopped mozzarella and fresh basil and serve 

Bon Appetite!!


  1. I am no wiz in the kitchen, this recipe sounds wonderful and EASY!! my kind of cooking :)

  2. That looks super good. This is why I could never do a no carb diet. I love pasta so much. Last night I made quinoa pasta and expected it to be MEGA nasty but was so happily surprised at how good it was.

    I will try your recipe because right up there with pasta is CHEESE for me!

  3. So funny, that exactly what I ate last night, but had bocconcini instead of mozarella. Was delicious !

  4. I love that you titled it Steps to Heaven. Sounds yummy!

  5. Yummy scrummy. I love tomato, basil and mozzerella salad and this looks amazing b/c it has pasta too!