Monday, May 21, 2012

My Annie Selke Experience

Welcome to the world of Annie Selke!

Last Thursday & Friday, I took a very inspiring road trip with three other bloggers, Amy of ABCD Designs, Lynn of Decor Arts Now, and Tamara of Nest Nest Nest to the Annie Selke headquarters in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Annie Selke, owner of Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert (favorite beach rugs), and the Annie Selke company, and her team were such wonderful hosts and could not be sweeter.

We were given a lovely night's stay at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Mass, treated to an exquisite 8-course dinner at the Wheatleigh, and went on an extensive tour of all that is behind the scenes of Annie Selke.

Let's go on a little tour ourselves, shall we?

bloggers with Jaime of Annie Selke and Liza of Blitzer & Company
Our welcome bags!
We were given a tour of the Annie's late mother's home which she is rebuilding for herself. 

The expansive views

I adored the fact that there were tulips everywhere

Wrapping up at the construction site over nibbles and wine, we headed on over to Annie's current house which was featured in House Beautiful in 2010

Annie loves dogs - Dash (of Dash & Albert) has his back to us here

down boys! 

Annie's daughter's room

gorg master bedroom

Moving on to dinner at the Wheatleigh:

Jess, Annie's fab assistant, and me

 These photos give the view no justice, it was truly breathtaking...

The next morning we had breakfast and a tour of the Red Lion Inn (for another post) and headed on over to the headquarters:

Annie's offices

This is what we saw upon entering the office, how perfect 

how could I not...

I loved her collection of these seashell vignettes - remember my post on Kitschy Chic? Perfect example.

Antique pattern books for inspiration:

This one was my fave

more tulips

D&A rugs

The prop "room/warehouse" was unbelievable! I could spend months down there...



doggies everywhere - I can't resist!

Annie Selke is truly an inspiration. Spending time with her and her team in her home and in her office opened my eyes to the truth that is success comes from passion, hard work, and most importantly kindness. You could just tell how happy everyone in her office was to be there, not only because they could bring their furry friends :), but because of the values Annie has instilled in the business.

I was inspired beyond comprehension and was happy to have the weekend to reflect on all I learned and enjoy the beautiful gift bag Annie put together for us :) 

I hope you enjoyed the tour and thank you, Annie, for everything!

{The was an all expenses paid trip by the Annie Selke Companies}
{images were taken by me and Sean McLaughlin)


  1. Wow! How fun was that! I love her work and have seen her features in many magazines. This was truly a wonderful event for you I'm sure! Thanks for sharing all of the photos!

  2. Ok, wow... I am jealous... OOZING with jealousy... GREEN with envy! Fab and Fun post! xoxo

  3. Annie's mother's home is wonderful, the colors, the decor, your pictures,anything is perfect.

  4. What a fabulous time! Her home is stunning! You all look gorgeous! xo

  5. What a fun road trip! I love her hot pink front door:)

  6. Thanks for this amazing all the photos! And I love how many companies are allowing dogs at work...I just walked down the hall of my studio building and ran into 2 dogs in the hallway!

  7. Great post!!


  8. So Lucky! I just adore Pine Cone hill, and now I know the back-story. Had no idea it was semi-local (I am in Licthfield County.

  9. Great post Liz. And I am so happy I got to know you better on the trip!
    Xx, Lynn

  10. Beautiful job of capturing both the artistic genius of Annie but also her beautiful inner self.
    I loved being there with you!

  11. Gorgeousness! Looks like an amazing time!

  12. What a great trip! I agree on the prop room, amazing!!

    Kim @

  13. We just loved having you here with us! And, I can't wait for my SHorely Chic iPhone cover that I will parade proudly around town and the world!