Monday, April 16, 2012

Kitschy Chic - Beach Style

I have had "Kitschy Chic" on my mind since my last post on the Massachusetts Vintage Beach Cottage. I adored how the family used souvenirs from past vacations and other collections by displaying them in their home in a tasteful and chic way. We all know how kitchy souvenirs are, and often keep them tucked away to leave room for all the other decor we think looks more trendy and appropriate. The thing about souvenirs is though, that they all represent good times had with people we love and what better to have out on display than pieces with meaning.

Let's all try and challenge ourselves to dig out those old collections and pieces we love from vacations past and put them out in everyday sight. I promise if you display them in a certain way the people who visit your home will have only positive comments on how creative you are to make something so Kitchy look so Chic.

a collie umbrella stand? how chic

SO into framed vintage bathing suits - bought one just like this on ebay! 

Vintage Barbie Art featured in Lonny Mag

framed vintage romper

seashells in baskets, rolled up maps, vintage bottles

dashboard hawaiian girls!

LOVE these coasters

don't lie, if you saw this rattan lounger not in the Dunmore Hotel, Harbour Island you would think it was hideous...

vintage magazine clippings collection

another framed bathing suit

A personal favorite way to display collections is with type trays - I have lots of these waiting to be filled with shells for my Etsy shop but I have these hanging in our home now:

I also bid for some vintage souvenir scarves that I plan to frame: 

fun, right?? 

What type of collections do you have to display? 

{image sources: elledecor; housebeautiful; coastal living; shorely chic}


  1. Haha, your comment about the lounger in the Dunmore Hotel made me laugh. But I love the vintage swimsuit and the collection of vases, pots and drinking glasses! THe hat souvenirs are so fun too! Great post


    1. haha, it's so true though isn't it?? Thanks for the love :)

  2. love it all especially the florida scarf !!

  3. Vintage souvenir scarves... what a great idea to bring back home from trips, then frame. Love it!!

  4. Love your blog!! I have so many shells at home I just don't know what to do with! great inspiration!