Thursday, April 26, 2012

Style Your Home, Style Yourself @ Fashion + Decor

I'm so honored and excited to be a contributor to the fab new site Fashion + Decor launched this week by dear friend Gretchen Aubuchon. The concept of the site is all around StylePairs, matching the styles of beautiful interiors to runway looks - genius right? 

Gretchen: "Why are some people so chic, yet they live in spaces that are drab and sloppy? We all know a woman like this. She’s always impeccably turned out. Maybe she’s high-end, rocking the latest Jason Wu frock and Louboutins. Maybe she knows how to make magic with H&M and J Crew. Where it all falls apart is at home. Look around her place, and you’ll see wall to wall indifference. All you can do is wonder, How can she live here?"

And so, Fashion + Decor was born:

Gretchen: "The worlds of fashion design and interior design are inextricably linked, and trends make their way through both. Studying the connections between fashion and decor helps you develop an overall sense of style that’s both unique and coherent."

My first StylePair {above}!! 

Take a look around and get inspired by hundreds of StylePairs matched by an amazing host of contributors on Fashion + Decor.


  1. Both the fashion and decor are beautiful!!

    Kim @

  2. Love! This is a fab idea! good for you!

  3. Thanks my friend! Love the post and Love having you as a contributor! You are the BEST! xoxo

  4. I feel so close to what you are saying. Ive always been fashionable but the house is a drag. I dont know how that happened but it is. I really need help in that department.