Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carolyn Cochrane Beach Art

I stumbled upon Carolyn Cochrane's Etsy shop yesterday during my usual quest for "beach" and fell in love with her photography. Her shots capture the mood of the beach so perfectly and the colors are so magnificent, I couldn't resist showing them to you this morning:


I think a series of three would look so pretty hanging on a wall, or a BIG one framed and hung over a mantle :) 

Thank you Carolyn for offering 10% off to Shorely Chic readers today with code "10PERCENT".


  1. These are so pretty. Anything to do with the ocean is just perfect right?

  2. LOVE these! Thinking of getting a few for my parents shore house. Thanks for sharing the find!

  3. Thanks so much for this feature Liz, it's an honor to be on your beachy blog! :) ~Carolyn

  4. I have seen Carolyn's work on Etsy...
    Beach perfection!