Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Wedding Bliss

I can't believe our wedding is two months away! Over these next two months, I want to tackle all of the little details, which to me really make the event special and intimate. I want our guests to feel comfortable and let them know how much we appreciate them celebrating with us so every little bit counts. Wherever there is an empty, I want to fill it with a little sign of love. 

I started browsing Etsy for goodies over the weekend and decided to put my favorites together in this treasury:
To learn more about these beach wedding treats, click here!


  1. Love it all! So happy for you! 2 months is going to fly by! :)

    I wanted to recommend my friends Etsy shop to you! She did all of our paper stuff for our wedding, and a ton of extra stuff like misc. signage and whatnot. She was so great to work with and I HIGHLY recommend her!

    Here is her Etsy site,


  2. It looks great and makes me want to go to the islands.