Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I decided to do my own hair after tearing up at the hair trial in the salon of the resort where we are getting married. Throughout my "getting dressed up life" beginning with prom, I never liked my hair "done". I had an up-do at my first prom and for every event after that I did my own hair, usually down with a couple pins keeping the front pieces back.

I thought since the wedding was such a big occasion I should give it a go again and have it professionally done, but the tight bun and shirley temple curls when I had asked for a loose taussled beachy bun to the side warrented otherwise

I am going to start fooling around but this is the look I want :

which looks like it can be achived like this:

If I had long thick pretty hair, I would do this:

 I'll take photos of my own trials and post them here, wish me luck!

Oh, and a great Etsy shop for hair flowers is

images via Pinterest & Etsy :)


  1. I love all these looks! Good luck. You are a brave woman doing your own hair on your wedding day, but I have faith. I think the key is using one of those beach hair products or starting with hair that's not squeaky clean. Bumble and Bumble has a good product!

  2. These are all so pretty and carefree, beachy looking. I agree, getting an updo can often look so uptight - good luck with your attempts )

  3. Love it all!! I am determined to grow my hair out!!! It is already at that.....touching my neck driving me nuts stage:)

  4. Lots of gorgeous ideas there - I think I need to start getting a bit more adventurous with my summer hairstyles!