Friday, April 15, 2011


I couldn't resist sharing this right away. Look at my little Jackie Paper from his visit with 

more to come, this is just a sneak peek!


  1. Could you just die? He's so cute!

  2. Aww, he looks so sweet! What a good boy staying on the chair like that for his photos! Our pup would not do that in a million years *sigh* ;)

  3. I have to ask...what breed is your puppy? He looks just like our Roxy did when we got her. (I just showed my husband and he agreed) She was a Dalmatian/German Shepherd mix. As a puppy she was almost all white except for her one black ear and some spots on her belly but had alot more spots later on.

    Adorable picture!!!!

    Linda in San Diego

  4. Thanks, everyone!! He's a little muffin and such a sweet disposition. We think he is a lab/dalmatian mix but since he's a rescue we really don't know for sure.