Friday, March 4, 2011

Calypso Crazy

I'm sooo craving summer these days, especially with our new addition, Jack :) I've been telling him about the beach and he thinks he will really like it, right Jacky?! (I'm immersed in puppy love these days, can you tell?)

Calypso is one of my all time favorites for summer-wear and I've put together a little collection of my top picks:

{click on the image to enlarge and see all the fabulous details}

All of the items can be purchased through the Calypso website, minus the swoon-worthy Kate Spade espadrilles which I just had to throw in.

Take me to where the sun shines so I can feel the warmness all over...and can you do it fast please?


  1. I fully just poured over their website, then saw your post clearly I'm feeling the summer love as well!!

  2. I LOVE Calypso so much, if only I could afford more of it!! There are 2 rugs I want so badly and about 10 dresses!

  3. Such gorgeous pieces! I guess I am drawn to anything with the name Calypso - LOL! Seriously, they do have some beautiful things!

  4. The sun, the beach and perfect golden tans!

  5. Thank you for introducing me to Calypso! Love it!