Friday, November 5, 2010

On the Farm

I would have to say that country/farm life is the next best thing to beach life, and I couldn't be happier to visit Brian's family this weekend up in Cooperstown, NY to break the big news! Brian's mother grew up in Cooperstown and was raised on a farm in the house you see below. It was an old school house that had been rebuilt as a family home when she was young, and was recently rebuilt again by Brian, his brother Kevin, and Uncle Wayne. They did such a great job with the house, and we just love visiting the quintessential American town and unwinding from our everyday hectic lives.

Want to know what is especially cool about Brian's home aka Bavarian Farm? You can stay there, too! His family has turned the property into a resort renting the home (and another home in back) to travellers looking to enjoy some peace and quiet in a historic American setting.
We love going spending out afternoons looking at the Otesaga lake and beautiful scenery.

I love the house above which is now an adorable B&B

A typical street leading to the lake


pretty foliage from past trips

oh, hey.

Enjoy your weekends everyone, and if you are ever interested in spending a weekend at this beautiful home, send me and email me and I'm sure we can work a little something special out for you!


  1. * OK, my friend, at the beginning you mentioned "the big news"... but didn't tell us what it was! (or DID you, and I missed it?)...

    What an enchanting place to go for some true R & R... absolutely charming!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. Have so much fun! It looks like an incredible property- you've been so lucky to have such great weekend getaways! Enjoy the road trip!

  3. What a beautiful spot. I went to summer camp in the Finger Lakes and have a soft spot for upper New York State spots like this! And I assume Brian's family was thrilled with the news!!

  4. Jealous! It's beautiful there! Have a nice weekend!

  5. Simply divine. What an amazing spot and what a great location to stop and smell the roses. I agree, country is the next best thing to beach. That lake would be lovely to swim in too though. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos... Did you milk the cows?? Pruxxx

  6. Wow..what an amazing property!!

  7. Beautiful property. And the lake is just gorgeous.

  8. Liz,
    I've been away from blogland for two weeks and catching up this weekend on my lovelies. I'm so happy for you...congratulations on your engagement! What a truly happy time for you!

  9. Cooperstown redefines the word Idyllic!!! What a wonderful place to someday take your children!

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