Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making Mood Boards

My latest obsession is making mood boards, I could literally sit at my computer for hours and play with these things! Putting rooms together is my passion and to be able make a virtual one, is the best practice!

As some of you may already know, my fiance{(!) does anyone know how to put the accent over the 'e'} and I have moved out of our apartment and into the in-law suite at my parents' home. It's the perfect sitaution for us at this time because we really want to buy our dream starter home and this gives a very comfortable living situation while we house-hunt!

The in-law suite is super cute and I have already picked out the colors and had it painted, as well as the carpet for the bedroom and closet. It is complete with a kitchen and all so it really is the perfect place for us at this exciting time.

Back to the mood boards,  here is what I want the living room to look like:

I know I's not permanent but I can't help but plan and decorate any space I am in!!


  1. I've been under a rock, sorry.
    Many congratulations to you.
    Here is how to get the accent over the first e in fiancee I hope it shows up how to do it.


  2. I see that didn't work.

    Here goes

    Type fianc then without any spaces keep typing the following
    the Ampersand symbol,
    then the pound symbol
    then 233
    then semicolon
    then the last e

    It will look odd but when do a preview it should look right


  3. Ohh very nice! Love the soothing colors.

  4. I like creating mood boards too :-) What program do you use for yours?

    Your living room plans look lovely. Even if a space isn't permanent, why not make it look how you want it to look? :-)

    Assuming your keyboard works like mine, the way I get the accent over the E is by holding down the Alt key, and then over on the number pad on the right of my keyboard, I press 1-3-0. And I get fiancé. Hope that helps :-)


  5. love the colors! how great that you have a good set up while you house hunt. Something else I love to do. Hopefully you will be posting about your house finds, as well as wedding details! :)

  6. what program do you use to make your mood boards?