Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Day at Nate Berkus!

Today was awesome! I was invited by my local blogger and designer friends Carolyn and Cynthia of the Buzz to attend the Nate Berkus show with an amazing group of bloggers, some I am very familiar with and others I am so grateful to have been introduced to! 

We all met at a diner at 7:45 a.m. around the blog from the show and because we were VIP (!!) we were escorted into a green room to wait to be called in for the show. One of us was even featured on the show by Nate! Lisa from hamptontoes had sent in a video of her son's adorable room and they chose to show her room and interview her - how awesome! 

Nate's show will be premiering on CBS on September 13th. 

Also, here are all the fab women I went to the show with today, visit their beautiful blogs for inspiration galore!

stacystyle  &


  1. Liz,
    You are so good to have your post up already! Love it! I absolutely enjoyed getting to know you. We'll have to have another get together soon. All the best to you!

  2. Liz,

    Awesome, Fabulous, Grand! Oh what a day!! Too bad I'm the only one who lives so far away :( We'll just have to plan for something in the future :)

    Much love,


  3. What fun it was to finally meet you and enjoy the show all together! I'm looking forward to so many more adventures now that we have our group of CT/NY designer bloggers created!

  4. So great to meet everyone, and see Nate in person! Thanks for the post Liz!

  5. great post Liz! looking forward to following you:) xxBarbara

  6. Liz, what fun to meet you!!! I look forward to seeing what treasure you find for your Etsy shop!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  7. Liz, it was great meeting you in person yesterday. Next time you will have to join in for lunch, but of course we all understood. Here at the beach in Sea Island, Georgia today, and my thoughts went from Nate and NYC to all things Shorely Chic overnight! Lots of chic items here...some I see are even in your fabulous store! Looking forward to another fun meet up soon!

  8. oooooh if only I was his type!!! : )


  9. You are so cute...I love your looks adorable on you...that ruffle! I love how you dress.