Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Hour, One Day, One Weekend

I love my mom - she always sends me the best articles that timely arrive to my work (day job) email address. It's so nice to see her name pop up in the mailbox and then to go on and read the pleasant articles she sends me which most of the time include recipes, quotes to live by, and home decor.

I LOVED this last article she sent me from Oprah and I am such a firm believer in the little things making a BIG difference in design. I even started a little home styling sideline to my business, which you can read about here!

Check out what designer Lance Boyd did for Elizabeth Fiore's tiny Manhattan apartment in one hour, one day and one weekend:


One Hour After:

Take It Away: Subtracting pieces helps a room breathe. Boyd pared down Elizabeth's collection of art books so that they wouldn't overpower the accessories on display.

Rezone: The key to the newly arranged living room is that it now has zones: an armchair and a lamp for reading, the couch and chair for entertaining, and a corner with a desk as her home office.
Soft Touch: A throw draped over Elizabeth's armchair gives the room a lived-in look.
One Day After:

Perfect Pairs: Boyd placed two stately lamps from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams on the credenza, and they do more than illuminate the room: They establish a sense of polish and symmetry.

Hide Away: The credenza is the perfect place to stash media technology. "Let's be honest," Boyd says. "No one wants to stare at a stereo or DVD player."

Aim High: To emphasize the ceiling's height, Boyd used heavy, dramatic draperies from Silk Trading Co. that cascade to the floor. He also placed two framed pieces of art, rather than one, between the windows to reinforce the longitudinal effect.
Dress It Up: "Adding new pillows and a nice throw can make it look like you've got a brand-new couch or armchair," Boyd says.

One Weekend!!

is this not an amazing transformation?! Lance created a heavenly new space for Elizabeth in just one weekend - amazing.

no word on the budget...

Thanks for sending the article mom, very inspiring!!


  1. That turned out beautiful!!! After each day it looked so much better and brighter and the final is just amazing!! I love the rug!!!

  2. What a difference! Great article, idea and mom for being thoughtful and sending you these things!

  3. What a huge difference, love the color that was added

  4. Lizzy! I will GLADY volunteer my living room for a "one hour, one day, one weekend" renovation ala Shorley Chic!

  5. Wonderful. This really gives me hope!!

  6. What a great post showing what can be done in the time you have!