Monday, August 16, 2010

New Pillows!

One of my favorite products to make and sell are pillow covers. They seem to do the best and they are by far the easiest to ship, right in an envelope wrapped up in a cute little package for my customer, much unlike the large and extremely fragile items that are tossed around by the postal crew, a.k.a king-kong and his brothers.

Here are some new ones I've added to the collection, and I've added trim!

me playing photographer
 me playing stylist in my apartment

and in case you haven't seen it yet, me playing TV host:

Paris Script Pillow

Indigo Ikat Pillow

Beach Chic 1

Beach Chic 2

I'm going to 'up the anty' (is that the phrase) with my e-commerce. I'm developing yet another shopping website and will be adding lots of new products: books, travel bags, jewelry, etc... and I will remain making and collecting vintage as well. Very excited, but for now all the pillows above are available on Etsy.

buona notte!

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