Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shorely Chic Shop on You Tube?

OKAY - this was a crazy idea I had about running my online shop. A very big challenge with selling online is 1. not being able to actually speak to your customer and sell your product, and 2. not being able to provide your customer with actually touching and feeling your product in real life. It takes a lot for some to buy something from a picture so I'm thinking about adding these little video presentations to my listings:

It's on my newest pillow which I am obsessed with!

I was MAJORLY embarrased when Brian first filmed it, turning bright red and burying my face in the pillow and jumping around like an idiot, ha! After a few takes and me wanting to get to the beach because it was a gorgeous day, I took myself a bit more seriously and made it happen.

I know it can be a lot better, but this is just my start!

OK SO what do you all think??


  1. I think it's a great idea:)
    Very cute video too!!!

  2. Hi Liz, I think it´s a good idea and you are fantastic on the video. That´s the way you are closer. Kisses, Ana

  3. hello!
    i love cute are you?! it really does make a difference to see you holding a better idea of size and weight. providing the opportunity for your potential customers to see you talk about your product gives us an indication of the passion you have for what you're doing and shows how approachable you are! it's great & i love it.

  4. I loved it!

    i did a video for today's post. It was fun and I hope I gave people a little peek into the NYIGF.

    I'm going to be there on Wed. Are you going again this week?

  5. Hi there- I think this is a great idea...and I think you will sell more pillows and other stuff this way. It definitely gives a good idea about how the pillow would look. The more frequently you do this - the more comfortable you will be on camera. Soon - you will be able to do it completely relaxed. I think you did great... just be aware that your smacking & slapping the pillow here and there. That might be a bit distracting to the viewer.

    Plus I think you look great on camera and that helps too! Good luck.