Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I just have to say that it feels so good to be blogging again :) It's therapeuatic for me to keep this blog and get out all of my inspirations and thoughts - for I have so many going through me at all times! I had to slow down last week because I was selling in my town's sidewalk sales, which went very well by the way!! So many of my customers asked when I would be opening a store and were remarking how successful they thought it would be in our town - got me thinking!!

I wanted to share with you all a book that I've recently picked up thanks to my new and dear friend Carolyn. It's called Tranquilista and is written by Kimberly Wilson. She writes about "mastering the art of enlighted work and mindful play". I started the book last night and have been poking around on her blog this morning. Here are some examples of the inspiring entries she has shared...

Kim's key ingredients to living a tranquil life:

live simply

read great women writers
spend less than you make
give back
do work that you are passionate about
take time outs
exercise your body + mind daily
respond vs react
eat + drink nourishing yumminess
create daily
let your life be an artistic expression
make everything you do an experience

Here is an outline of a recent talk she gave to women with aspirations in DC:

1. Spirituality is a priority. Connect within through ongoing reflection, learning, and growing. Write in your journal. Connect with your breath.
2. Take action. Take a moment to note where your time and energy is focused. Reflect on where you want your time and energy to go. Explore ways to shift if reality doesn't match your dreams.
3. Your life is art. Color outside the lines. Indulge in an artist date. Browse a bookstore or art gallery. Get crafty. Carry your digital camera at all times to snap inspiration in the moment.
4. Exude style. Don clothing that exudes your personality. Send thank you notes. Communicate clearly. Exercise. Nourish your palate.
5. Leave a legacy. Launch something to make a difference. Share your expertise. Tweet your message. Diversify. Give back to the community. Make a difference.

Tranquility is not something I often think of but I am sure with this new book in my life, tranquility will be something I am mindful of and positive changes will start happening!


  1. I am thrilled to have met you as well Liz! I am even happier that you got as much as I did from Kimberly's book. Such great solid advice sprinkled with oodles of tips! I have no doubt that your store will open, sooner than you think!! xo

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I'm so into all those thoughts and messages. Will definitely hold this one close to my heart anytime I lose my direction (which is often). I totally relate to your comment too about blogging being therapeutic. I totally is. And doesn't it open up your world. Pruxxx