Friday, May 21, 2010

Sun, Smiles & Love

Before I get into my post and bore you with my rant I want you all to have an amazing weekend full of sun, smiles, good tunes, and love!

I have a problem. I want to write about so much on this blog so I sit here in front of my computer with an idea and I search for inspiring images. So often I am inspired by these photos that I change my mind on the theme of my post - does this happen to anyone else??

For example, today I went from wanting to write about my image of heaven which was going to include a sailboat, shrimp cocktail, and a glass of white wine under the sun. Then I wanted to write about all the things I love about summer because while searching for these images, I wwas side-tracked and thought that the latter might make a more interesting post. Then I found all these pretty tablescapes and since I am planning a barbeque tonight for friends, I decided that was the most relevant.

Sorry for that rant, just felt the need to share!! I found all these pretty entertaining pictures on Coastal Living this morning:


  1. Well you most certainly found amazing photos.. I always enjoy your rants!! LOL.. have a great weekend!

  2. What a charming rant! I enjoy your posts- they make me feel like I am on a beautiful vacation sipping a glass of prosecco sitting on a adirondack chair somewhere warm, summery surrounded by water..all while I am sitting at my workdesk!

    Enjoy a spectacular weekend!!

  3. Looks like a spectacular way to spend a summer day!

  4. What a fabulous rant:)
    I feel the same way at times or else I have so many darn ideas that I can't narrow them all down so I write about 6 different things in one post! haha:)
    PS...if you ever feel the need to sell jewelry on your new..super let me know!
    I love the look of you site so much....I am going to connect with her to see about designing a logo and business/earring cards for me!!!
    Have a really wonderful weekend. I know I need to spend a little time adding links to cute on-line shops like yours to my blog. Retail therapy:) :)

  5. Coastal Living is my favorite magazine. I can't tell you how many I have saved for the great pictures!

  6. These are beautiful images. I hope you have a great party and weekend.

  7. Ok, so now I am definitely hungry for dinner by the beach!