Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Great Week in Review

So it was a great week for Shorely Chic that ended with a huge snow storm leaving me snowed in with family on Saturday night. We baked cookies, listened to christmas carols, and fell asleep stuffed after a good meal and too many cookies!

I found a new thrift store in town and got some great items which have all been posted on Etsy:

Chic Turquoise Mirror

Pink Champagne Glasses to ring in the new year!

Florentine Wastebasket

Lime Green Asian Vase

Cute Aqua Pitcher

On another note, in my last post I was talking about how excited I was to sell an item to a "local". We had agreed she would come to my apartment to pick up the item because it made no sense to use shipping. Well, little did I know that I was selling my bamboo mirror to a women who held a senior editing position at the late Domino magazine - umm so exciting! It was such an awesome feeling to have someone who clearly knows about good design pick me out of the bunch! One thing I am so happy to have learned from her is about the brand new online magazine LONNY started from former Domino members, short for London New York.

p.s. the cover girl was my customer!

definitely check out LONNY and let me know what you think - I'm pretty sure if you liked Domino, you'll be hooked!

Have a great week and good luck getting ready for the holiday!!


  1. that is very cool! i do love that mirror ... off to explore your blog.

  2. LOVE Lonny--you're right, it fills that Domino-shaped void. And I just noticed your Julie & Julia post! My best friends and I watched it two nights ago and it's so inspiring!

  3. Those pink champagne glasses are just so beautiful. I have some that are ivory in colour but these are amazing! Thanks for all your sweet comments in 2009. Take care. Simone xx

  4. so cool... great minds think alike!!! it shows we should follow our dreams : )

    the asian vase and the blue pitcher are really pretty!

  5. This one great collection of glassware. Everything looks very chic.

  6. My grandma also collects pots, pans, pitchers and all other sorts of stuff.

  7. I envy your collection. They look just perfect.

  8. I would also like to have a mirror in my dining room. I think it would go well there.