Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time keeps tickin - tickin - tickin!

A lot of times when I'm stumped on what to make next, I go to Anthropologie's home section for a little inspiration. I really like how they have been able to reach the masses, and have made vintage "cool" to a lot of people who have never thought it so. I figure they are definitely, "in the know" of what is selling in the market, i.e. what people are liking these days.

I love this dish clock from Anthropologie, and I think it would be pretty simple to make - I guess I would just need to find someone to drill the whole for me in the center, can dads do that?

pretty, huh? I wonder what else I can make clocks out of? mirrors? bowls? oval frames? excited!


  1. I love the idea..., I think you just need a glass drill bit..., and it's true the concept could be applied to pretty much anything; a cool driftwood piece for example!

  2. What a GREAT IDEA! Though I'm totally sure I'd shatter my dish...

  3. SO cool! SO Anthropologie :) I'd be too scared to drill into the plate & crack the whole plate. :) Fun post!