Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If I could be any store...

No, I would not be Pottery Barn, even though I do love their end-of-season sales and find lots of inspiration from the photos in their catalog. I would be WISTERIA based out of Dallas, TX. I am so totally obsessed with everything about this company, most especially of course, their product line. Wisteria has such an eclectic and classy/elegant style seen through all of their lines, and in researching through their website and blog, it seems like an outstanding company to work for.

I hope you enjoy my favorite photos below from their website:

how cool is this picture?? LOVE it.

love this Italian mirror, how pretty it would look in an entry way!

I love a good shell shadowbox :)

so cute!! oyster candle-holder.

Coat hanger - I think I might want to try whipping one of those up!

There are no words...

Which store would you be??
Happy Inspiration Tuesday :)

1 comment:

  1. Great inspirations :) I'm not a big shell person, maybe because I live in Florida, but everything else is lovely :)