Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rachel Ashwell from Shabby Chic Inspiration

As my third post, I would like to feature my second most figure of inspiration - Rachel Aswell from Shabby Chic. Since I can remember, I have loved her elegant and fancy, yet real and rustic everyday style. Everything is so bright and refreshing, it just puts me in a relaxed mood. Her shops went bankrupt recently but I just found out she has opened back up in Cali - woohoo, Shabby Chic lives on :) Rachel actually keeps a blog herself that you can locate at www.shabbychic.com. I've uploaded a few pictures below to share with you...enjoy!

Rachel's new book that she will be coming to Lillian August in Norwalk, CT to sign! October 14th from 10-noon. I will most definitely be taking an early lunch to meet with her! EEeee

These place setting are so very precious and delicate, but again, real and fun!

Love this white bed and painted furniture - so inspiring for my own bedroom!

Rachel's signature slip-covered couches were a huge success and still are. My white Ektorp couch from Ikea mimics hers...
I wanted to give Rachel Ashwell credit at the onset of my venture for all my readers because she set the tone for the Shabby Chic style, she actually trademarked the words!


  1. I love this showing who inspired you what a lovely idea :) also just want to curl up in some of those lovely images with a good book :)

  2. Rachel is definitely a decorating icon! I love that romantic bedroom! Sharing your inspirations is very cool! Patti