Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life is Good When You're Under the Sun

I've been running into Soludos all over the web and after visiting their website last night, am completely smitten. Their shoes are sweet, but the lifestyle and culture they have created around their brand is what really got me. They did such a great job, with their website alone, of creating this vibe of "life is good when you're under the sun", one that speaks loud and clear to me. 

Soludos is currently hosting a contest, Endless Summerasking folks to submit photos that "capture those chill summer vibes we love so  much":

This right here to me is what makes a brand successful. Getting your people back in touch with what they love so much and involving them in the product is a win-win. Soludos is clearly trying to connect their shoes with those "chill summer vibes we love so much", and what better way than to put the challenge in the hands of the customer.

I had a little fun with the Endless Summer contest and submitted some of my own (right here on Shorely Chic!)

After all this, I think I'm pulling the trigger and purchasing these cuties: 
Do you have any favorites? 


  1. Beautiful pics! I'm an East Coast Girl, born and bred, but those pictures have me wanting to book a one-way ticket to SoCal STAT!

  2. Love,love,love the pics. Surfboards say it all.

  3. Cute! I like your choice the best too. It's funny b/c these used to be called espadrilles and they were very popular when I was in my early teens! Everyone in Miami wore them. :)

  4. Love all the pictures and those shoes are too cute!

  5. Those shoes are adorable and I love all the beach shots! Gotta love those surfboard pics!

  6. "life is good when you're under the sun" - I swear that is the quote I live by :)

    My favorite of their shoes will have to be the Dali Light Blue. Now whether to order them right now or tomorrow is the question!

  7. Oh this makes me crave vacation. Love your photos and the shoes!