Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Perfect Beach Wedding Dress (as a guest)

I can't get this perfect little Tibi Hannah Dress out of my head...

so perfect for a beach wedding, don't you think?

{it's a tad pricey ($695) so if you're like me, use it for inspiration!}

I'd love it with this sea fan cuff by Suzanne Somersall

paired with the matching earrings

and I'd like to carry this TB clutch

but I can't picture the shoes yet, what would you pick to go with this beachy number???


  1. I would definitely pick the TB clutch!

  2. Amazing!! I love that whole look. Now if only there were a beach wedding in my future...


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  4. Golly the cuff and the clutch are beautiful, I definitely need them in my life!
    Morwenna x