Friday, April 6, 2012

A Friday Off - Well Sort Of...

It's funny, a day off used to be one of leisure - maybe I would pick up a book that I started months ago and never finished (very typical), shop, go to lunch, walk the dog, etc... As I've gotten older however, days off have changed. I still have them to myself for now (hubby at work and no kids yet) but they are normally filled with tasks I don't usually have the time to fulfill, and doing them makes me feel soooo good.

Today I have no errands, no client meetings, no orders to ship, and no social obligations - hip hop hooray is what I have to say about that! I woke up and sent Brian on his way to the city, cuddled with Jack for a little bit, and hopped on the computer with some coffee for some leisurely blog reading - the best mornings.

my cuddle bunny

Here is what I have planned for the rest of the day:

1. Get our house ready for our family to come and spend Easter weekend with us. This involves lots of cleaning, deep cleaning the kind I don't do week to week.

2) I also want to make something nice to have around all weekend for noshing, I'm thinking this Blueberry Breakfast Cake is just perfect (also the perfect excuse to make something uber unhealthy and to enjoy guilt-free - oh the holidays)

3) Take Jack out for exercise on the early side so he leaves me with some peace while I do my tasks - maybe we'll bundle up and head to the beach for a nice walk :)

4) Take a trip to the local printer to check up on the new stationery items I have coming out - eee!

5) Clean out my wire basket and encourage Brian to clean out his, which stores all of our mail that I never feel like opening.

I can't believe I posted this - eek! Don't worry this shelf is hidden from guests but is that not the biggest disgrace you've ever seen? Hence why it will be cleaned out TODAY!

5) Get dinner ready so that when the family arrives, it's in the oven and smelling delicious. I'm going to make up a roasted vegetable pasta concoction, similar to the one below:

Actually, I think that's it for today, how nice is that?! 

What do you have planned? 


  1. these are the best days! I'm doing the same with my dogs, and leisurely drinking my coffee. enjoy! from

  2. Have a Happy weekend! That blueberry cake needs to #getinmybelly! Looks SO good! x

  3. Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses